Welcome to Antica Cascina Resort

A winning combination of history and nature for a traveler who loves living in contact with nature.

A 1600 house where you can enjoy unspoiled nature and great views of the sicilian countryside. Here it is possible to live a unique experience, built the way you want, on the basis of your real needs, with services that include catering, hospitality and comfort.
Antica Cascina Resort is still under development and growth, and with it our passion grows to ensure that our guests can feel at home... away from home.


This land taste of honey and thyme, it smells of wisteria and capers, like salt and sea, it shines of quarries and cathedrals, it tells about stories of winners and losers, Sicily lives of harmonics differences.

Even today the miracle of stonemasons and master chiefs continues to fashinate and charm those who discover the sudden scenario that reveals the plateau, opening into a treasure chest of wild and harmonious beauty.

All aroung a succession of wondeful open countryside areas and white stone walls, deep and impressive quarries running up the coast embracing white beaches with sand dunes that plunge into the Mediterranean Sea.

This is "Val di Noto", the south-east of Sicily.